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Keeping Pets and Kids Safe from Pesticide Exposure

Pestiside use around kids and pets is almost never a good idea - - but there are ways to keep weeds at bay, and our kids and furry friends safe.

Helping Your Student with Test Anxiety

Test are stressful - there's no two ways about it. Kids need help learning how to handle the stress that comes with scholastic endeavors... here's some tips.

Conquering the SAT

This test can sometimes feel like the weight of a thousand elephants on the shoulders of high-schooler. These tips will help lessen the load.

Making a Real "Face-Time" Connection

Sometimes we spend so much time looking down - we forget to LOOK UP! Here's some ways to reconnect with your kids in REAL TIME.

Crush Course

Helping Kids Navigate First Crushes

EarthTalk™ - Questions and Answers About Our Environment

This Month: Flame retardants in furniture and children's products and clothing.

Parenthood Is No Picnic (It’s A Safari)

Ca-ching, Ca-ching, Ca-ching. Ahhhh - those blissful sounds of - having a child!

… Like Moths to a Light

Part II of our Technology Addiction series. Is constantly connect always a "good" thing? Especially for kids??

Pint-Sized Romeos, Sixth-Grade Vixens

Navigating the challenges, emotions, and questions of first time love.

Mom, Dad and the Anti-Sex League

Moments of private time are hard to navigate when little ones join the family...

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